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Nice presents four equipment to let your house safer

janeiro 24, 2019
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Technologies from the company are highligthed at Exposec, that happens from May 21 to 23, in São Paulo.

São Paulo, January of 2019 – Leaving the house empty during trips, mainly in the vacations period, is a big worry. According to data from the Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo (SSP/SP), organized gangs attack a residence at each three days. Therefore, to enjoy vacations and travel with ease, some preventive measures can be taken to increase the safety of empty houses.

During the Exposec – International Safety Fair, that comes to its 22ndedition in 2019, the visitors can know many technologies from Nice, that turn the residences on more safety and connected places. The fair is organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, and happens from May 21 to 23.

1) Residential Alarm

Modern and affordable, residential alarms are imperative for those looking for more security for the residence. With this system, the risk of theft decreases, since in cases of suspected situations, the alarm fires and emits a loud sound. Currently, there are several types of alarms available in the market, the most modern being connected to the network/Wi-fi and sending notifications through a mobile application, such as Cloud Alarm from Nice.  Besides the alarm function, this safety system also enables the residential automation to turn on and off equipment, as the house entrance light, the electrical fence, the gate automation, heat pool or household appliance. All can be done both through the conventional remote control and by the cellphone app, that is easy and intuitive to use.

2) Electronic gates

In the last years, the increase of burglaries during the entry and exit from home with the car, made that the electronic gates stopping to be optional items and become to be indispensable items for anyone looking for more security at home. However, the thieves created new forms to break and damage these equipment. Because of that, the safety market developed some products and devices to difficult the action of invaders.  Developed by Nice, the automation line of gates Hi-Speed from Nice guarantee the closure of the gate in only 4 seconds, diminishing the wait time to enter and leave the house.

3) Infrared Sensors

The IVA sensors (Active Infrared) are excellent for owners of properties that are worried about aesthetics, once there are no apparent wires.  These devices are installed with an alarm system and, when activated, they create a virtual infrared barrier and they turn on in case of invasion detection. The IVA sensors of Nice can also be used in conjunction with the electrical fence.

4) Electrifiers of Electric Fence

Button-operated or remote-controlled, the electric fence electrifiers are considered an effective, cost-effective solution. This type of equipment can also be installed with a siren that goes on when detecting a new invasion attempt,  plus a dialer, which allows dialing to a pre-programmed phone number in case of an intruder detection.


Exposec – 22ndInternational Safety Fair
Date: 21 to 23 of May
Time: 01 to 08 PM
Location: São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
Rodovia dos Imigrantes, KM 1,5 – São Paulo / SP
More information: exposec.tmp.br

About Cipa Fiera Milano

Cipa Fiera Milano, the Brazilian branch of Fiera Milano, one of the biggest players of fairs and congresses around the world, that each year attracts approximately 30 thousand exhibitors and more than five million visitors, became a majority shareholder of Cipa do Brasil in 2011, originating Cipa Fiera Milano. In Brazil, nine fairs are made that represent the most diverse economy segments, as safety, clean and sustainable energies, tubes and connections, cables, health at work, paints, surface treatment, frames, technologies in rehabilitation, inclusion and accessibility, among others.  Between the main brands of the portfolio are Exposec, Fisp, Fesqua, Ebrats, Ecoenergy and Reatech.

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